GVTC Selects Calix Managed Wi-Fi 6 with Revenue EDGE

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SAN JOSE, CA — GVTC, an independent ISP offering fiber internet service in Texas, has improved member loyalty by 25 percent and satisfaction scores by 18 percent since it launched GVTC Premium Wi-Fi with the Wi-Fi 6 GigaSpire BLAST and Calix Support Cloud (CSC) in September 2019. These remarkable results have led GVTC to adopt the entire Revenue EDGE as its go-to-market platform, launching its branded version of the CommandIQ mobile application along with two EDGE SuitesProtectIQ gives the regional cooperative’s members the ultimate home network security, and ExperienceIQ provides parents with the tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home as e-learning becomes a new reality.

In addition, since providing a superior experience for its members is the number one priority of the regional cooperative, GVTC has invested in Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) to help their teams understand, anticipate, and tailor experiences while leveraging mobile notifications to establish a direct communications channel with members. Next, GVTC is leveraging the power of the platform to quickly bring the second generation GigaSpire BLAST u6 to market while looking to the future and the BLAST u4. With the complete GigaSpire BLAST family available, GVTC will continue to be the first in its market to cover virtually any deployment scenario and ensure that members never need to go to a big-box store to get the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 experience when working, learning, or gaming at home as GVTC is first in the market. Last, the entire experience is anchored on GVTC’s 15-year investment in a world-class Calix fiber network.

Since GVTC first announced Premium Wi-Fi, it has not only improved member loyalty and satisfaction but also seen unprecedented demand with overall broadband customer growth up 20 percent year over year. These success metrics are not surprising, as the EDGE System at the center of the premium offering—the Wi-Fi 6 GigaSpire BLAST—delivers a 35 percent improvement in both performance and coverage over competing Wi-Fi 5 gateways. This unparalleled performance paired with CSC gives the call center agents supporting home Wi-Fi networks unprecedented insight and control. Additionally, with the advanced real-time behavioral analytics of CMC, GVTC can ensure it delivers the right offerings to the right members, maximizing its marketing resources. The regional cooperative can then reinvest the savings back into elevating the member experience, growing the business, and rewarding members.




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