Hagerstown, Md., Begins Process of Expanding Broadband Infrastructure

HAGERSTOWN, MD — To begin the process of developing and expanding its city‐wide broadband infrastructure, the city of Hagerstown has issued a request for information (RFI) to gather ideas and recommendations. This process will inform the development of a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that supports economic growth by meeting the technological needs of current and future businesses and institutions and ultimately ensure that all citizens of Hagerstown have access to reliable wired and wireless service at adequate speeds and affordable pricing.

The city seeks ideas and comments from respondents on one or more of the following goals:

GOAL 1: Create a 1 Gigabit or greater fiber network in a targeted commercial corridor known as “City Center Hagerstown” to foster innovation, drive job creation, and stimulate economic growth

GOAL 2: Establish free wireless networks in parks and public spaces across the city, with primary focus on the following areas: City Park, Pangborn Park, Hellane Park, Wheaton Park and Fairgrounds Park.

GOAL 3: Evaluate the opportunity to expand wired/wireless services to areas beyond the City Center urban core to include underserviced residential areas, business parks and/or target commercial areas.

GOAL 4: Provide connectivity opportunities from the proposed fiber paths for the existing city Police camera surveillance system including expansion into other developing areas of the City.

GOAL 5: Establish a presence within the community in the form of co‐location facility and/or business branch office space in which to conduct business.

These goals support the city’s efforts to become a location of choice for high‐tech business opportunity, as well as for those looking to establish a residence in a high‐tech serviced area. To further these goals, the city may offer a variety of supporting assets, including access to city electric utility poles, right‐of way access to utility property, limited use of utility labor force in construction of middle‐mile access, coordination with planned city/private contractor construction work on city-maintained streets, a streamlined permit process, potential tax and other economic incentives if establishing a business presence in the target area, or other opportunities as may arise during this process.


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