Harmonic Universal Optical Transmitter Unlocks Bandwidth

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NEW ORLEANS - Harmonic Inc. introduced the SUPRALink Universal Transmitter, a 16-wavelength, 1550 nm, dense wave-division multiplexing (DWDM) solution for the complete range of forward HFC transmission applications. This full-band solution can cover the entire RF spectrum, enabling cable operators to flexibly support virtually any forward transmission need. According to Harmonic, service providers deploying the SUPRALink Universal Transmitter can support additional segmentation and commercial services applications without new fiber installations, a significant benefit that both shortens time-to-market for new services and reduces costs.

In a typical installation, Harmonic says SUPRALink can cost as little as one-tenth the cost of alternative solutions that require new fiber. It is comparable in cost to 1310 nm systems because of its optimized direct-modulated DWDM technology, but its 1550 nm-based design extends fiber reach out to 70 km. This dense solution is used with Harmonic’s existing HFC platform and is compatible with existing deployed nodes.

“The new Harmonic SUPRALink Universal Transmitter is a ‘one-stop shop’ transmitter for cable operators, a solution uniquely able to support virtually all HFC architectures,” says Gil Katz, senior director of cable solutions and strategy at Harmonic. “The SUPRALink Universal Transmitter can also be used in conjunction with an outdoor hub and is able to support an RFoG ecosystem at a lower cost than current transmission solutions.”


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