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CAMBRIDGE, UK - Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC), a Minnesota-based competitive FTTH provider, is trialling the Amino Freedom Jump OTT media center as it seeks to offer innovative entertainment experiences to its 20,000-strong customer base.

In conjunction with the All-in-One TV cloud-based over-the-top video platform, the Freedom Jump delivers a layer of content that blends seamlessly with HBC’s existing branded user interface. This allows viewers to access OTT content from the open Internet, such as movie-on-demand services, catch-up TV, Internet music services and social networking.

Using OTT to Expand Local Video Content
Dan Pecarina, HBC’s executive vice president, says, “We strive to deliver the very best in entertainment to our customers, and we have had very positive feedback on this latest innovation. We are very community-focused as a company and see OTT as a means to expand and extend both the breadth and depth of local content alongside our existing strong commitment to our customers.”

Amino VP sales North America Dan Carufel adds, “There is growing demand from innovative service providers like HBC to really embrace OTT as a key part of their offering. The response from both a customer and technical perspective has been excellent and we look forward to continuing the work with both HBC and our partner aioTV to extend the trial.”

HBC provides quad-play telecommunications services to 12 communities in southeastern Minnesota and will complete construction of two new FTTH networks this summer. Additionally, HBC Media Productions produces and airs local programming - including news, local sporting events, government meetings and many more community activities and events - on its own TV25 and TV20 channels. HBC also offers advanced voice and data services, along with business consulting and advertising services.


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