High-Speed Fiber Comes to Uniontown, Washington

  • First Step Internet (FSI)
MOSCOW, ID — First Step Internet (FSI), an Internet service provider serving the Pacific Northwest, announced that high-speed fiber Internet service is now available in Uniontown, Wash. Specifically the new fiber Internet service is now available to those living in the new Rolling Hills subdivision on the south end of Uniontown.

Fiber to the home in Uniontown marks the first of its kind in the quad cities. Residents can now receive 100 Mbps symmetric speeds at their home at an affordable rate. The fiber offering is the fastest speed any residential customer can receive in the region. In the future the fiber service can be upgraded to reach speeds of 1 Gbps.

The new subdivision in Uniontown provided the perfect scenario to roll out and leverage fiber to the home. First Step is looking to expand the fiber-to-the-home offering to new areas where opportunities are available.


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