Highlands Fiber and Gigabit Now Upgrade Issaquah Fiber Network

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ISSAQUAH, WA — The Highlands Fiber Network (HFN), a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for the Issaquah Highlands community, is now offering gigabit Internet connectivity for $70 a month. Due to the growing demand for FTTH and faster fiber Internet, GigabitNow, a Seattle-based fiber Internet company, is lowering the price of its Gigabit fiber service for residents in the Issaquah Highlands Community. HFN has been offering Gigabit-class Internet since 2011 for under $200 per month. Through GigabitNow's upgraded services, HFN will be able to offer residents of the Issaquah Highlands Community world-class gigabit Internet access for an unbeatable price.

"GigabitNow is very excited to be bringing these service upgrades to the communities fiber network allowing for wider availability of Gigabit speeds," said Steve Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. "Despite a number of announcements of Gigabit speed availability in the region, very few communities" actually have this kind of service, or the exceptional quality and reliability the Highlands Fiber Network offers. We are proud to have been a part of this network's evolution over the past 12 years."

Gig Speeds Fuel Over-the-Top Television
With the increasing popularity of over-the-top (OTT) television, movie streaming, video blogging and gaming, the demand for faster Internet connections has also increased dramatically. With GigabitNow's upgraded services HFN's customers will be able to binge watch the latest shows from Netflix, or stream multiple gaming sessions to Twitch, without having to wait for video buffering or get throttled for overusing their allotment by the ISP. Issaquah Highlands residents continue to take advantage of a state-of-the-art network, with no Internet bandwidth caps or "magic" connection boosts that last for only the first few minutes of use. HFN Gigabit Fiber Internet is now available at a price that beats every competing service.

"This is truly an exciting time for HFN, and it a great example of what privately owned networks can accomplish. While larger investor owned communications providers continue to discourage competition, HFN is delivering what other companies cannot even promise," said Frank Pineau, general manager of HFN.


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