HFN Customers Can Boost Picture Quality with Netflix Super HD

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ISSAQUAH, WA - Highlands Fiber Network (HFN), a FTTH network for the Issaquah Highlands community, announced that HFN customers can boost their picture quality by streaming Netflix Super HD 1080p and 3D video content from the Netflix video service over HFN's Quantum Internet Fiber Network. Netflix’s Super HD streaming uses the fastest Internet connection in the Northwest to provide extremely clear, smooth, 1080p picture quality and 3D video streaming options across the Netflix catalog of video titles.

"We are excited to make Netflix's Super HD streaming available to the Highlands Fiber Network and hope subscribers find it a valuable addition to their entertainment options," said Steve Milton, CEO|CTO of ISOMEDIA, HFN's ISP and long-term operator. ISOMEDIA, joined Netflix as an Open Connect partner earlier this year allowing the Highlands Fiber Network to take advantage of Netflix Super HD services. "Over the top services like Netflix Super HD and other high quality video streaming services really take advantage of HFN's incredibly fast Internet speeds."

Netflix Super HD is the highest quality video format offered by Netflix, providing a better picture on 1080p HDTVs. Netflix Super HD service requires an active Netflix streaming account and a supported device.


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