HomeGrid Forum, GiGAWire Alliance Launch G.hn Certification Program

Program will target MDUs, businesses and single-family homes with platforms that can leverage existing copper and coax cabling infrastructure.

  • HomeGrid Forum (HGF)

Beaverton--HomeGrid Forum and the GiGAWire Alliance have introduced a new certification scheme for G.hn access equipment.

This program has been launched in response to network operators expressing an urgent need to deploy interoperable G.hn equipment in their broadband access networks. It will accelerate the development of network solutions based on ITU-T G.hn standards and follows on from HomeGrid Forum’s current world-renowned certification program, to guarantee strict compliance and interoperability of GiGAWire products, reducing the time to market.  

“Our new organization is dedicated to guaranteeing end-to-end coexistence and interoperability at all levels of broadband access technology. As part of this we are delighted to unveil our newest certification process and are now encouraging technology vendors to start submitting their applications, so we can support the continued development of advanced networking solutions that ensure a reliable, versatile backbone,” said Livia Rosu, Marketing Work Group Chair at HomeGrid Forum.

Enabling next-generation networks that deliver faster-than-gigabit broadband services, the GiGAWire Alliance and HomeGrid Forum will together focus on innovating G.hn technology to provide broadband for large apartment complexes, office buildings and single-family units. The organization will build on the existing work by the GiGAWire Alliance, which means it is now possible to support multiple users through bundle cabling, thanks to crosstalk mitigation and auto pairing features.

This new effort will also encourage service providers to leverage existing copper wiring within buildings, such as phone lines and coaxial cables, to deploy broadband at a fraction of the cost of traditional Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployments.

“With the GiGAWire solution improving internet speeds up to 10 times over VDSL in the premises environment, where optical fiber cannot be deployed for technical or historical preservation reasons, this new effort will deliver huge benefits,” added Rosu. “As innovations continue to emerge, we will also expand our technical and marketing support across a widening portfolio of industries such as IoT, Smart Grids and GiGAWire MDUs, to provide the best connectivity to meet the needs of our changing world.”

Having first announced the news of the collaborative effort in October 2019, both organizations have been working closely together ever since to strengthen the ongoing development of broadband access technology with both G.hn and GiGAWire MDUs.


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