Home Telecom Lights First Gigabit Connection in Nexton, SC

  • Home Telecom
  • MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV)
MONCKS CORNER, SC — Home Telecom, an independent telecommunications company serving residents and businesses in Berkeley, Dorchester and Charleston counties, has gone live with South Carolina's first gigabit community in Nexton, South Carolina. Called GigaFi, the network was a partnership between Home Telecom and MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV), a provider of infrastructure solutions, that is also the network's first customer.

“MWV’s Community Development and Land Management moved into our first building at Nexton, a LEED Gold certified Class A office building at the community’s gateway, just six weeks ago,” commented Kenneth T. Seeger, president, MWV Community Development and Land Management. “We’re the first business in the first gigabit community in the state to be connected to this high speed, all fiber network. We’re impressed with the service and the excitement it has created in the community – particularly with those individuals and businesses that need fast, reliable, affordable service,” said Seeger, president of MWV Community Development and Land Management.

Fiber-optic Connection in Every Home and Business
William S. Helmly, Home Telecom President and COO added, “Internet providers frequently boast about their fiber optic networks. But what they don’t tell you is that while those fiber networks may be in your neighborhood, their connections to your business or home are much slower because they are non-fiber. And, since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, you end up not getting the benefit of fiber-optic speed. We provide the widest bandwidth, highest speed Internet through a fiber-optic connection that will run directly into every home and business in Nexton.”

There are three distinct advantages of gigabit Internet service. First, its broader bandwidth accommodates the ever-increasing amount of data that travels over the Internet. Second, it is faster – as much as 100 times faster – than average Internet services today. And finally, it is symmetrical which enables users to send information at the same speed at which they receive it.


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