Homevue Wireless Video Surveillance for Microsoft Xbox Announced

  • Smartvue Corporation
RLIN, GERMANY — Smartvue Corporation announced Homevue, a cloud video surveillance solution designed for Microsoft’s Xbox. The plug-and-play wireless camera system, which requires the availability of high upstream bandwidth speeds, helps people stay connected with the people and places they love while engaging in the activities they pursue everyday.

The elegant Homevue cameras are wireless and can be placed anywhere in the home. They deliver HD video to the cloud where they can be viewed directly from the Xbox or remotely from any computer, smartphone or tablet at no monthly cost — even when the Xbox is turned off. Gamers can play and simultaneously keep an eye on a sleeping baby or see who is at the front door. Customers will also be able to receive automated texts and emails with images when motion is detected. They will also have the option to record up to one month of video on the secure and integrated Homevue cloud.

“Our mission is to make the world a safer place with amazing surveillance technologies that help people stay connected to what they love,” said Martin Renkis, founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation. “Xbox is a very robust platform that offers a perfect gateway into the intelligent home for our cloud camera solutions.”

Homevue will be available directly online and from select retailers by January. Preorders are available now at a reduced price of $99 per camera system on Kickstarter.


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