Hong Kong Broadband Network Encourages Bandwidth Hogs

HONG KONG - Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), a subsidiary of City Telecom, proudly wears the title of 'Big Fat Dumb Pipe provider.' The company says its FTTH/FTTB network easily handles average bandwidth consumption of more than 100 GB per user, per month across its 600,000+ customer base - compared with the 5 GB per month fair-usage cap mobile carriers in Hong Kong typically allow in their "unlimited" data plans.

In fact, HKBN actively promotes the sort of network usage that makes many providers cringe. Lo Sui Lun, the company's chief technology officer, says, "At HKBN, we embrace OTT content providers who help fill up our excessively Big Fat Dumb Pipes. We happily coexist with OTT providers as together we create value for our customers. Our superior bandwidth capability is the LUCA (Legal Unfair Competitive Advantage) that drives our industry-leading 17.5 percent return on equity."

HKBN is the fastest-growing broadband service provider in Hong Kong and offers voice and IPTV service in addition to broadband.


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