Horizon Launches Fiber Network in Dayton, Ohio

  • Horizon Telcom

DAYTON, OH — Horizon, an Ohio based fiber-optic broadband company operating out of Columbus, Ohio, has commenced building a fiber-optic network into Dayton, Ohio. The enhanced network will tie into Horizon’s existing 4,500 route miles of fiber serving over 40 counties throughout Ohio and surrounding states.  

Anchored by nearly 200 5G small cell sites, Horizon’s network will include downtown, mid-town, inner-east and south Dayton along with surrounding the University. The fiber network will be purpose built for optimal uptime by including both route protection and equipment redundancy within Horizon’s core network. Once complete, services will include enterprise-grade fiber Ethernet, internet, Hosted Voice, wavelength and dark fiber. Horizon will have the ability to interconnect between multiple carriers and have direct connections to several data centers within the region.

“We have worked closely with community leadership and the Dayton Development Coalition to ensure we are maximizing the initial build design to capture the needs of the business region to its fullest capacity,” stated Glenn Lytle, Horizon CRO.  “We are also very excited about the new sales team we have hired to help us not only extend our network and products to the area, but also bring a very local “partnership” sales approach to our newest market.”

Preparation and engineering stages have been completed and while a portion of the network will be turned up by the end of 2020, the majority will be ready to accept new customers by mid-2021. Horizon has already begun hiring a team of sales and operations professionals that are considered to be the best in the industry. The new build will also add residual jobs, such as construction, for the community.


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