Hospital for Special Surgery Taps Hudson Fiber for Custom Data Network

  • Hudson Fiber Network (HFN)
NEW YORK — When New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery needed a custom data network designed to connect multiple facilities, they turned to the region’s premiere data transport and infrastructure provider, Hudson Fiber Network (HFN), a data transport provider based in Paramus, NJ.

“Today’s leading healthcare facilities have a growing need for big bandwidth networks to move detailed information like test results, x-rays, and patient information within their member facilities,” explained HFN CEO Brett Diamond.

Helping Healthcare Systems Connect and Share
With the ongoing consolidation of healthcare service providers, many large healthcare systems need to connect and share data between hospitals, doctors’ offices, labs, clinics and other service points quickly and efficiently. This often requires a custom network design that provides low-latency (fast), high-bandwidth interconnecting numerous facilities.

“HFN is recognized as having one of the most advanced network structures in the NY/NJ/CT metro area,” said Jason Vanrell, director of technical operations, department of information technology, Hospital for Special Surgery. “Their ability to assist us in building out our network and interconnecting our key locations made them an invaluable partner.”

HFN is a data transport provider offering high-bandwidth, low-latency networking solutions and is the exclusive fiber provider for hundreds of New York and New Jersey’s leading business addresses.


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