Houlton, Maine, Fiber Expansion Project Complete

  • Pioneer Broadband
HOULTON, ME — Pioneer Broadband, a provider of internet, telecommunications and cable television services to communities across Northern and Eastern Maine, has completed the construction of its privately funded FTTH Internet project to serve 2700 homes in their hometown, Houlton, Maine. Total fiber coverage is about 96 percent, as reflected on the map below.

Pioneer fiber optic service began in 2010 with installations on Park St, Green St, and McSheffery Rd, leading to a full-scale pilot project in the northeast quadrant of the town in 2015. The private investment in the northeast quadrant pilot was a success and in 2016 Pioneer decided to move ahead with the completion of the 58-mile project.

Standard Speed of 100 Mbps Symmetrical
With the standard speed at symetrical 100 Mbps, Houlton consumers now have access to high-speed internet access, 65 channels of HD television, and local, long distance telephone service. In addition to being able to claim that 96 percent of all its households and businesses have access to affordable and reliable fiber optic service, Houlton uniquely has two competitive franchised cable TV providers. At the standard rate of $59.95, customers are currently being converted from DSL to 100 Mbps symmetrical fiber optic service. There is no additional charge for the conversion.

“With our fiber optic network completed, we’ve achieved something that communities all over Maine are seeking,” says Tim McAfee, Pioneer’s CEO, “This puts Houlton, Maine, our hometown, on the cutting edge of technology and positions us as a leader in future growth for business, schools and healthcare!”


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