HTC’s Out-of-Network VoIP Expansion Accelerated with Bandwidth’s API Portal

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RALEIGH, NC – HTC, a telecommunications cooperative that offers services over its fiber network, has selected Bandwidth to deliver out-of-network voice to new underserved areas for Bluewave Communications.

HTC was approached by the Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation (LREMC), a not-for-profit regional electric utility, to service a portion of Robeson County, North Carolina through a new fiber-based network. The service, delivered as Bluewave Communications and funded by a Broadband Stimulus loan and grant, brings high-speed Internet, data and video to areas in and around a portion of LREMC's electric service territory.

For the voice component of its new services, HTC chose Bandwidth due to its seamless extension with its existing coverage footprint. By tapping into a simple set of APIs, HTC was able to completely automate the provisioning and porting of phone numbers. Bandwidth also enabled HTC to offer new business and residential customers a complete phone service, including a phone number, a package of minutes, and full 9-1-1 support – delivered at significant savings compared to a traditional voice network.

Underserved Areas of North Carolina Now Connected to a Modern Fiber Network
Due to the HTC, LREMC and Bandwidth arrangement, underserved areas of North Carolina are now connected to the full array of services delivered on a modern fiber network. By partnering with Bandwidth, HTC is able to meet its customers' demands for phone numbers virtually anywhere in the country. HTC is also well positioned for additional customers, as demand for numbers outside its coverage area continues to grow.

"Bandwidth's network footprint made it easy for us to seamlessly expand our out of market coverage," said Brent Groome, Chief Executive-Marketing, Economic, & Strategic Initiatives, HTC, Inc. "Through flexible APIs, we were able to automate the entire number ordering and provisioning process. We're looking forward to a continued partnership with Bandwidth as we expand into new markets and connect our customers with the best services available, without compromising network reliability."

"The expansion of VoIP provides a tremendous opportunity for local carriers to grow their user base efficiently and practically," said Steve Leonard, EVP and General Manager at Bandwidth. "As communications networks modernize and expand to every corner of the country, carriers will continue to see the value VoIP networks provide to grow their businesses effectively."


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