Huawei Announces Compact FTTH Equipment for Rural Markets

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SHENZEN, CHINA - Equipment vendor Huawei announced the worldwide launch of the SmartAX MA5608T, a new ultra-compact, high-performance, square-shaped optical line terminal (OLT). The OLT, which is the hub end of a fiber-to-the-home network, will support small-capacity deployments, including FTTx access in rural locations.

Traditional OLTs pose difficulties in scenarios with small-capacity deployment, inadequate equipment room space, insufficient backbone optical fibers or long distances between the central office and subscriber premises. The new MA5608T, a square two-rack-unit OLT, connects to the large-capacity OLT in the central office to extend PON coverage for up to 100 kilometers and connect up to 2,000 users. Huawei says the MA5608T satisfies the needs of operators in terms of economic efficiency and rapid network construction.

This high-density mini-OLT, which supports 32 GPON or EPON ports or 96 gigabit Ethernet downstream links, is compatible with the large- and medium-sized OLT board, which significantly reduces spare-part costs and operator expenditures. In addition, the OLT uses dual control boards and features a dual power redundancy design, as well as Type B/C/D protection and Type C double homing. These features meet the high-reliability demands of financial institutions and low-delay service access, including Wi-Fi and LTE. In addition, the OLT supports the evolution of 10G GPON and 10G EPON.

The MA5608T has already successfully passed the commercial trials of the State Grid Corporation of China, Chile ENTEL, and Brazil OI, with results showing that the quality of the system is stable and that the product has met the standards for large-scale commercial deployment.

A recent Infonetics report ranked Huawei first in the fields of fixed broadband, FTTx, and PON for the past two years and the second quarter of 2012. Huawei serves one-third of the world’s broadband users with its SingleFAN solutions.


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