Huawei Releases Symmetric 10G PON ONT: EchoLife V5 X Pro


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BARCELONA, SPAIN — Huawei released a symmetric 10G PON ONT with a high Wi-Fi rate, EchoLife V5 X Pro. It delivers 10 Gbps bidirectional ultra-fast transmission, zero-freezing Wi-Fi experience, and seamless coverage of an entire residence, providing users with carrier-class home Wi-Fi experience.

In the Internet of Everything era, emerging services such as 4K/8K, VR, and online gaming are becoming popular in homes. This stimulates explosive growth of data traffic in operator networks and poses great challenges to existing home networks. Key problems include insufficient network bandwidth causing poor user experience, broadband service limitations due to experience bottlenecks, and 30-60 percent of user experience complaints related to Wi-Fi. With 80 percent of home data traffic carried over Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi network quality has become an urgent issue for operators.

Huawei's symmetric 10G PON ONT EchoLife V5 X Pro is an innovative product designed to solve key problems affecting home user experience, such as frequent signal conflict, strong interference, poor coverage, and low Wi-Fi rate. This product allows operators to build home Wi-Fi networks with ultimate experience.

10 Gbps Bidirectional Ultra-fast Transmission
The EchoLife V5 X Pro gateway supports smooth evolution from GPON to 10G PON and provides up to 10 Gbps wired transmission in both upstream and downstream directions, enabling super gigabit broadband access for high-bandwidth services such as home video, entertainment, VR, gaming, and private line.

Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience with Zero Freezing
The EchoLife V5 X Pro gateway features the industry's most advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology with an air interface rate of up to 6 Gbps, four times that of Wi-Fi 5. The unique dual-4x4 high-performance omnidirectional antenna array design reduces attenuation from walls by 25%. It also supports the highest 160 MHz spectrum bandwidth in the industry, and intelligently avoids busy channels by using radar channel scanning to help users connect to the fastest Wi-Fi channel. A proprietary optimization algorithm is used to shorten Wi-Fi transmission delay to less than 7 ms, eliminate stalling and delay, and ensure ultimate user experience for cutting-edge immersive services such as 4K/8K IPTV, online gaming, and cloud VR.

Ubiquitous Coverage for Large Residences
In large residences where Wi-Fi signals of a single ONT cannot cover the entire space, the EchoLife V5 X Pro gateway supports the PremiumWi-Fi solution to flexibly mesh network with a series of edge ONT products. This extends Wi-Fi coverage, providing ubiquitous high-speed broadband experience. PremiumWi-Fi uses a cloud management platform to visually monitor Wi-Fi performance in real time, help operator detect Wi-Fi faults with one click, and reduce home visits for troubleshooting by 30 percent, significantly reducing O&M costs.

Using Huawei EchoLife V5 X Pro, operators can smoothly upgrade to 10G PON networks, providing users with premium home Wi-Fi experience. More than 380 million fixed terminal products of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line have already been deployed in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.



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