Hudson, Ohio Selects Magellan for Broadband Needs Assessment

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO – The city of Hudson, Ohio, has selected Magellan Advisors, a broadband planning and consulting firm, to create a broadband needs assessment and broadband business plan. The study will not only provide important data and in-depth analysis, but will contain a range of business model options and recommendations for the city of Hudson's consideration in planning for next generation broadband to service its anchors, businesses and residents in Hudson.

Magellan’s highly experienced staff will work with the city to understand the needs surrounding broadband in the Hudson community, and create a business plan that demonstrates how the city can accomplish its ultimate goal of constructing a robust fiber loop to businesses and a potential fiber to the home for residents. Magellan’s extensive experience in the broadband industry will allow them to advise the city of Hudson on the best operational models for the future network. According to the city of Hudson's IS Manager Bill Hilbish, “The city is eager to begin working with Magellan toward bringing ultra high-speed broadband to our community, and continuing to make Hudson a great place in which to live and work.”

The city of Hudson is eager to invest in high speed broadband for its community. As more citizens use broadband as an essential part of their lives, it is necessary to have the option for this type of service throughout the city. Bringing next generation broadband to Hudson will allow residents to take advantage of the growing number of innovative broadband uses for education, healthcare and everyday life. “The City of Hudson is taking the first step toward creating a better life for its citizens," says Magellan Advisor President John Honker, "and allowing Hudson’s businesses and residence to compete with the rest of the connected world.”


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