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BLAIR, NE – HunTel, a provider of unified communications and management solutions, announced that it plans to expand its business to include a consulting company, HunTel Consulting Company. While continuing to focus on its existing business lines of engineering and telecommunications, HunTel Consulting was created to help customers reduce costs, gain efficiencies, and provide management services while allowing leadership teams to bridge the gap between strategy and execution bringing tactical solutions to reduce operational costs. All four companies under the HunTel umbrella; HunTel Engineering, HunTel Communications, HunTel Security, and HunTel Consulting will bring the same focus to customer centric solutions that optimize client’s productivity and performance to achieve their strategic goals.

HunTel has a long track record of over 100 years customizing solutions to a variety of industries. The launch of HunTel Consulting is a natural progression for our company as a service provider to accelerate growth and scope of work which will benefit all the businesses we serve and open new markets,” said Dan Hunt, President of HunTel. “The HunTel Consulting team of Justyn Miller, CEO, and Mick Herke, COO, bring over 55 years of expertise embedded in a variety of industries including telecommunications, finance and management. They know what it takes to excel in a competitive industry, bringing solutions and strategic partnerships to unlock value for a client. Being a part of the HunTel team allows us to bring additional resources to our current operations while giving us the ability to enhance the services we bring to the table for new and existing clients.”

HunTel Consulting is strategy focused and customer centric. They were founded to assist businesses in meeting the challenges in today’s rapidly changing environment. The team has the experience to translate management and technology solutions that fit business needs. With more than 75 years of experience, the team of Justyn and Mick have a history of successfully servicing businesses in multiple industries. Markets the team has served include green technologies, banking, construction, biotechnology, Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning, real estate, healthcare services, manufacturing, restaurant industry, retail, consumer products, media and entertainment, enterprise software, insurance, and networking.



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