Hunter Gets $8.2M in Funding to Serve Northern California’s Hoopa Valley Tribal Areas

Hunter, Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District and EnerTribe will partner to construct and deploy wireless and fiber infrastructure to underserved areas.

  • Hunter Communications

MEDFORD, OR -- Hunter Communications, a fiber services provider in southern Oregon and northern California, has been awarded $8.2 million from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) to provide broadband services to the Hoopa Valley Reservation, the largest in the state of California. The Hoopa Valley Broadband Initiative Project (HVBI) will be a collaboration between the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District (HVPUD) and EnerTribe, a Native-owned consulting firm specializing in planning, funding and building tribally chartered telecommunications infrastructure projects. HVBI Construction is slated to begin in January 2021.

“The Hoopa Valley Tribe members share goals of self-sufficiency and self-determination that will depend upon affordable high-speed internet to their homes and their businesses,” says Michael Wynschenk, CEO of Hunter Communications. “Hunter Communications is honored to partner with the Hoopa Valley Tribe to fulfill their needs for high-speed broadband via a wireless and fiber infrastructure deployed across the Hoopa Valley on the Reservation.”

“The California Advanced Series Fund (CASF) aim is to provide grants to bridge the ‘digital divide’ and expedite broadband connectivity to improve access to routine and critical services in eligible areas in the Hoopa Valley,” says Linnea Jackson, General Manager of Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District. “Hunter’s impressive telecoms industry experience and expertise will prove invaluable as the Hoopa people seek economic growth, online learning for all people and the benefits and opportunities that digital accessibility can provide.”

“The Hoopa Reservation is critically underserved when it comes to broadband. There are approximately 2,000 residents awaiting essential internet service, including hundreds of school children that need it for learning,” says Forest James, Chief Executive Officer of EnerTribe. “Our firm’s charge is to work closely with Hunter and the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District to ensure a successful project that meets the needs of the Hoopa Tribe and its citizens. I see great potential in the partnership between Hunter and the HVPUD”.  EnerTribe serves as the project & program management, wireless engineering and installation firm for the project.


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