Hunter Communications Acquires OnlineNW and XS Media

This acquisition means better, more reliable internet access to Oregon’s underserved Willamette Valley communities.

  • Hunter Communications


MEDFORD, Ore.--Hunter Communications, Oregon's largest privately owned fiber-optic internet provider, has acquired McMinnville Access Company LLC, the parent company to OnlineNW and XS Media.   

“This acquisition is a significant milestone to bringing better internet service to underserved Willamette Valley communities,” said Michael Wynschenk, CEO, Hunter Communications. “The outstanding employees of OnlineNW and XS Media compliment Hunter in ways that will help us serve more residential and business customers. We are very excited to acquire these successful entities and pleased to add their product offers to the Hunter technology portfolio.”

Hunter is always seeking new ways to strengthen its foundation, improve performance in new markets, and ensure customers receive the best service possible. Acquiring OnlineNW and XS Media allows Hunter to expand product offerings throughout Oregon and accelerates its ability to provide service to underserved communities. At the same time, the values of all organizations are aligned in providing great service and customer support.

"This acquisition represents a true partnership and a great match to our company values," said Kathy Tate, CEO, OnlineNW. Like OnlineNW and XS Media, Hunter values building relationships with employees, customers and communities all while creating economic vitality and opportunity. As a larger organization with more financial resources, we will be able to increase our investment in technology and expand our service area, enabling us to serve more customers and broaden our reach to new markets."

Hunter Communications now employs more than 180 workers across the state of Oregon – a 30 percent growth in its workforce following the acquisition.

Hunter will begin integrating its systems later in 2022, with all companies operating independently until then. Once fully integrated, customers will have access to some of the fastest fiber-optic internet in the state.


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