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SAN MATEO, CA & ATLANTA -- Set-top box supplier Entone is taking orders for its VUDU-enabled Janus Media Hub and Amulet IPTV Receiver. Entone’s new line of broadband TV devices integrates VUDU Apps, a cloud platform for the delivery of Internet entertainment services, and the VUDU Movie Service, an on-demand high-definition movie service.

The new device enables access to more than 100 apps, including  VUDU Movies, Pandora, Dailymotion, Picasa, Flickr, The New York Times, The Associated Press, and video podcasts Revision3 and DiggNation.

“The talk of cord cutting by consumers who want to get all their media over the top has reached a crescendo pitch,” says Steve McKay, CEO of Entone. “Entone believes that the greatest value and experience is delivered to the consumer by enhancing today’s pay-TV services with the best that Internet media has to offer. Integrating VUDU Apps into our platform enables our customers, the operators, to offer a hybrid TV service that gives consumers the best of all worlds: the quality and timeliness of linear HD television, the convenience of DVR, and the selection of over-the-top.”


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