Hyperoptic Connects First 1 Gbps Broadband Customers in UK

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LONDON - Competitive provider Hyperoptic has become the first to make 1 Gbps download speeds a reality in the U.K. Hyperoptic says it is "on track to revolutionize the U.K. broadband market" with its installation at Prices Court, Wandsworth, London, going live today. Residents of this 133-apartment riverside development will be able to enjoy superfast broadband speeds at low prices - starting at £12.50 per month (just under $20) for line rental, including free U.K. evening and weekend calls.

Zair Berry, director at Prices Court, comments, “We were struck by Hyperoptic’s innovative proposition and could immediately see the benefit a fiber network offers our residents. Firstly, it’s about improving quality of life in terms of having access to the best and fastest technologies rather than struggling with the frustrations of slow connectivity. No one else out there can offer us speeds of 1 gig. Secondly, we want to future-proof our development for existing and prospective tenants, adding the value fiber brings a property. While fiber optic standards currently allow for 10 Gbps bandwidths, this network can accommodate the Internet as it grows and matures. We’re thrilled to be Hyperoptic’s first customer.”

"It Gives Prices Court That Real Edge"
Hyperoptic is offering Prices Court residents a digital platform that allows all customers to access the same speed at the same time, with the capability to add services such as IPTV, VoIP, CCTV and intranet systems. Berry adds, “Once the fiber optic infrastructure is in place, we can extend the offer to support our residents’ busy lives and increasing appetite for new technologies. We’re effectively listening to what our residents need and ensuring we have a flexible system to supports their choices as consumers. In terms of property development, it gives Prices Court that real edge.”

Following the deployment to Prices Court, Hyperoptic will continue to roll out its gigabit services to large residential and commercial properties across London, and it plans to move to other U.K. cities in 2012.

Boris Ivanovic, chairman of Hyperoptic, comments, "Speaking to customers in London, we’ve gauged that many areas of the city felt they’ve been excluded in the fiber conversation and were naturally frustrated by this." Ivanovic is referring to incumbent's BT network upgrade, which is primarily based on a fiber-to-the-curb architecture and will bring fiber to the premises in only a small number of locations.


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