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LONDON - FTTH services provider Hyperoptic announced that it is working with building owners and management companies to install fiber broadband directly into property developments. This strategy is enabling broadband speeds of 1 Gbps - the fastest residential broadband speed in the UK. This is 10 times the speed of the nearest major competitor and over 100 times faster than today's average broadband speeds.

As broadband connectivity starts to affect occupancy rates and directly inform a tenant's or prospective homeowner's decision to purchase, it is increasingly having an effect on the property sector. Recent reports suggest that homebuyers would pay 5 percent more for a property that was serviced by hyper-fast broadband.

More Than 10,000 Homes Passed in London
So far, Hyperoptic has signed more than 30 of the most significant property developments across London to its 1 Gbps broadband solution. Hyperoptic also passed its first milestone, reaching more than 10,000 homes across 12 London boroughs. By the end of 2012, Hyperoptic predicts it will have serviced 20,000 homes in 100 major property developments and in the next five years, it forecasts that its 1 Gbps connection will be available to over half a million homes.

Hyperoptics' partnerships in the real estate sector include Stonedale, part of the Peveral Group, property managers for some of the most exceptional buildings in London, and City of Docklands, developers of some of London's most sought-after residential premises.

Felix Keen, head of Stonedale, says, "Fast broadband connectivity is no longer a nicety – it's a necessity for our residents. This deal means they are getting the fastest residential broadband in the UK without having to worry about a slow connection or shopping around for a provider who offers value for money and a quality service."

"The broadband issues in the Docklands have been incredibly frustrating for us,” says Gary Sacks, managing director at City and Docklands. “We are working with Hyperoptic to supply its hyper-fast connection across our portfolio and integrate as part of our new developments moving forwards, which include iconic developments that are scheduled to launch in 2013 – the Pump House, Royal Docks and Canary Gateway."

According to Boris Ivanovic, founder and chairman of Hyperoptic, "We feel that we are succeeding in our mission to change the mentality of the property sector by bringing hyper-fast broadband on their agenda for the first time and demonstrating how a hyper-fast connection can impact property value and occupancy rates, as well as future-proof the building. We believe that we are leading in a new movement that combines technology with property, to underpin and drive future cities. For us, London is just the beginning."


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