iBwave Introduces FiberPass to Accelerate FTTH Network Deployments

  • iBwave Solutions
MONTRÉA — iBwave Solutions, a provider of converged indoor network planning, has introduced FiberPass, its newest solution helping network operators around the world deploy FTTH networks to give customers what they want — faster and more reliable service.

"For the last few years, we've seen that many of the large operators who use our wireless design software need a solution to help them accelerate the deployment of the FTTH networks inside buildings to keep up with customer demand. Before FiberPass, the in-building design process typically took several weeks. But with the introduction of our FiberPass solution, the design process was reduced to days," said Claude Echahamian, CEO of iBwave Solutions.

With a strong focus on automating the design and deployment lifecycle of a FTTH project, iBwave's new FiberPass solution has already helped major operators expedite their fiber deployment initiatives. "We've chosen iBwave FiberPass because it helps automate the FTTH in-building planning and design process. We've already seen significant gains through several successful trials in the Northeastern part of the country, deploying fiber quickly and effectively to multi-dwelling units," commented Kevin Smith, vice president – network planning, Verizon.


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