Ideatek Gets Quick Payback with COS Service Zones

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BUHLER, KS – Ideatek, a Kansas-based ISP offering FTTH Internet, TV and phone service, is using COS Service Zones to discover and meet customer demand. The Service Zones geographic pinpointing feature is instrumental, helping Ideatek’s 20 volunteers and staff to provide fiber to as many communities across and throughout Kansas as possible.

“We hope to decrease our payback period for investments and more closely align fiber buildouts across Kansas with customer demand,” said Ideatek CEO Jerrod Reimer. “I believe everybody in the fiber business agrees there is a return on investment, but to win the game you need to shorten the payback period.”

“From the beginning, COS Systems was developed to achieve the fastest return-on-investment on Fiber to the Home deployments,” said COS CMO Isak Finér. “At the same time, we’re so pleased to bring next-gen broadband to America’s heartland.”


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