IET Holdings to Expand Broadband Service in Germany

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COLOGNE, GERMANY - German competitive provider IET Holding announced a contract with ZTE Germany, the German subsidiary of the Chinese equipment vendor ZTE, to construct a new fiber optic network in underserved areas of Germany. As the primary contractor, ZTE Germany will deliver the complete technology for this turnkey network and provide all services required for its construction.

Part of this five-year infrastructure project will involve upgrading as many as 1.5 million already-connected households to Internet speeds up to 200 Mbps. Another part involves connecting the one-third of German households that currently have no access to broadband services.

With a total value of $1.3 billion, the project is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is designed to significantly increase the attractiveness of Germany as a business location and improve life and working conditions in rural areas. An essential part of the project will be the close collaboration with local authorities to jointly develop economically viable and flexible operating models.

The new network incorporates fiber-to-the-home, fiber-to the-building and fiber-to-the-curb solutions, offering high-speed broadband access of up to 200 Mbps for households, public institutions and companies as needed. Mobile operators in Germany will also be able to connect their base stations to the network. Initially, the network expansion will target areas along an existing, IET-owned optical network in Germany. The delivery of backbone network technology for transfer rates of up to 100 Gbps is also part of the contract.


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