Ikanos Demonstrates 300Mbps Throughput on a Single-Pair Copper Line

  • Ikanos Communications
FREMONT, CA – Ikanos Communications, a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the digital home, reported that it has once again raised the bar on VDSL rate-reach performance by achieving an aggregate throughput of 300 Mbps over a standard single-pair copper cable up to a distance of 200 meters (short-loop) using its existing VDSL chipsets. This demonstration follows the recent successful completion of multiple top-tier OEM and carrier lab trials in which the company’s Velocity-3 central-office (CO) chipset achieved 150 Mbps aggregate throughput (110 Mbps downstream and 40 Mbps upstream) at a distance of 500 meters in a 192-port reference DSLAM system.

Enhancing the Consumer DSL Broadband Experience

The significance of this high-throughput, short-loop performance is most visible in FTTdp deployments where the home or building owner does not allow the construction required to lay the additional fiber. Often the most economical option is to cover the remaining distance (typically 100 to 200m) using the existing copper infrastructure. For such fiber deployments in which gigabit broadband connectivity is the desired outcome, carriers are looking for technologies that maximize the performance on copper lines and achieve as close a throughput to FTTH as possible. This is where Ikanos’ demonstration of 300 Mbps aggregate throughput at 200 meters – or even higher bandwidth at shorter distances – has attracted carriers’ interest globally.


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