IMCC 2014 Broadband for MDU Conference Pegged for October in Dallas

  • The Independent Multi-Family Communications Council
COSTA MESA, CA — The Independent Multi-Family Communications Council will host its annual conference on October 6 and 7, 2014 bringing together industry professionals for education and networking. This year’s event will focus on delivering competitive broadband in MDUs and will be highlighted with a session featuring Craig Moffett, the nation’s leading analyst in the telecom, cable and satellite sectors.

This October 6 and 7, Independent Multi-Family Communications Council (IMCC), the non-profit trade association of non-franchised telecommunications providers and technology suppliers who service multi-family residential properties, will be bringing together their members and other industry players - including leading analysts - for the 2014 Broadband for MDU Conference in Dallas, Texas.

With multi-family housing on the rise again, and broadband taking center stage, the independent telecommunications industry now represents over two million video and data subscribers at multi-family communities nationwide. As the exclusive organization representing Private Cable Operators and the voice of the industry in front of the FCC since 1995, IMCC holds the only conference that draws together key elements - including independent broadband operators, service and content providers, and suppliers and vendors - operating in the multi-family space.

Facilitating New Relationships and Business
Now in its third year, the IMCC annual conference has succeeded in facilitating new relationships and business for its attendees; it has become the definitive forum where participants can network, collaborate on industry issues, and learn how they can benefit from market trends and industry changes. This year, IMCC will assemble the brightest minds of the trade to discuss a wide range of industry-focused subjects and pressing issues, including net neutrality, key mergers and acquisitions, latest technologies, and important marketing and business challenges.

Craig Moffett to Address Future of Broadband
To address some of these issues, IMCC is thrilled to announce that Craig Moffett, the leading analyst for the US Telecommunications, Cable & Satellite sectors, will be speaking at the Conference. Mr. Moffett, has been ranked the #1 analyst for eight consecutive years and his research is highly valued by the investment and banking communities. He will be sharing an in-depth and practical perspective on the future of broadband in the US that operators and providers will find incredibly useful as they raise capital, make investment decisions, and grow their businesses. His practical insights are a significant and credible part of the market intelligence that businesses - whether operators, investors, lenders, consultants, equipment suppliers, contractors, or professional services providers - will need to position themselves in this fast changing industry.

Attendees will be able to learn from - and interface directly with - leading industry players like Mr. Moffett and other experts in their individual fields. IMCC members and non-members alike will network with industry peers, exchange ideas, ask pressing questions about their businesses, and discuss important topics that affect each specific sector, as well as the telecommunications industry at large.

“We are extremely excited to be holding our third annual conference and to have such valuable speakers whose insights will benefit our attendees,” said Valerie Sargent, managing director of IMCC. “Our aim is to foster the kind of network and dialogue that will drive growth for the independent players, and act as a much needed resource during a time when the methods for delivering video and broadband to the multi-family customer base are changing rapidly. Craig Moffett’s insights alone will continue to provide significant value for their businesses for years to come. With the cost of attendance starting at only $119, there is absolutely no better value available to the companies serving the private cable sector. This year’s event is not to be missed! I look forward to seeing our members and meeting many industry colleagues in Dallas this fall.”

The conference is open to members and non-members alike who serve the independent operator space. To find out more about the conference and to register, please visit the 2014 Broadband for MDU Conference Website or contact IMCC at (949) 274-3434.

About IMCC
The Independent Multi-Family Communications Council is a trade association and non-profit organization comprised of Independent Operators, Service and Content Providers, and Industry Suppliers who offer television and broadband services to multi-family owners of apartments, private communities, condominiums, student housing, and senior housing.

IMCC is the only organization who represents the rights of Private Cable Operators (PCOs) in front of the FCC for the benefit of the industry, monitoring activity and acting as necessary to ensure independent operators are given a voice. IMCC’s mission is to help businesses by keeping them informed and connected. Support from members enables IMCC to undertake this work to protect the health of the industry.


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