Imerjn Launches File Sharing and Cloud Storage Service

  • Imerjn
LAS VEGAS - Imerjn, formerly known as Xumanii, has launched its file sharing service, which will be accessible directly from its website.

According to Imerjn CEO, Adam Radly, "We will be developing several proprietary apps that will preload onto our tablet computers in addition to partnering with providers of third party apps. File sharing is a fundamental app that will likely be used by almost all of our users in conjunction with all other Imerjn products and apps."

Cloud storage is popular but not yet ubiquitous. Research from Strategy Analytics finds that roughly 55 percent of "connected Americans" have never used a cloud-storage service. "On the one hand, everyone knows what cloud storage is and they know that they need it, but, on the other hand, approximately half of the country has never used it. This means that there is a definite opportunity and our timing is good," said Mr. Radly.

The research also found that "usage of cloud storage is heavily skewed towards younger people, in particular 20 to 24 year olds." Approximately 90 percent of the "connected Americans" used their cloud-storage service to upload music files. "The cloud's role in the race to win over consumers' digital media libraries has evolved from a value added service for digital content purchases to a feature-rich and increasingly device agnostic digital locker for music and movies," Ed Barton, Strategy Analytics' director of digital media, wrote in a statement.


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