Independents Fiber Network Completes Diverse Fiber Connection from Indiana to Ohio

  • Independents Fiber Network
WAPAKONETA, OH — Independents Fiber Network, a provider of high-capacity network services, operating in Northwest Ohio, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Michigan, recently completed a network expansion into Leo, Grable, New Haven, Woodburn, and Eastern Allen Counties in Indiana. The connection was completed with return paths to its Northwest Ohio regional network in Paulding County. Independents Fiber Network provides high-capacity network services that deliver reliable performance to public entities, enterprises and communication providers throughout the region.

“The completion of the fiber loop will bring added security to Indiana and Ohio customers, as well as surrounding communities,” stated Independents Fiber Network CEO, Tim Berelsman. “This network expansion will provide customers with dedicated infrastructure to improve network reliability and performance. The completion of this loop will provide long-term, diversified infrastructure to deliver increased protection to telecommunications service providers and area businesses.”

Independents Fiber Network has a history of providing fiber broadband in some of the most rural parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. They currently provide commercial services in 31 Ohio counties, three Southeast Michigan counties and six eastern Indiana counties.


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