India and China More Optimistic about Digitization than Americans and Europeans

  • Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications
BERLIN — Europeans are generally less optimistic about digitization and future technologies than people in Asia, according to a study conducted by the opinion research institute Ipsos on behalf of the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications.

The study of 9,000 people in nine countries examines the differences in attitudes towards the digitisation of societies and perceptions of the benefits it will bring as countries move towards becoming Gigabit Societies. The findings constitute one of the largest cross- continental studies of technology acceptance against the background of digitization.

Attitudes Toward Digitization
The majority of people surveyed have a positive attitude towards digitisation. However, there are large regional differences. Nations in Western Europe and the USA are far less optimistic about the benefits that digitisation can bring (around 50 percent) than nations such as China, India or Bulgaria (around 80 percent).

According to respondents, the greatest benefit of digitization is the potential to save resources through the use of smart systems and improve mobility through smart traffic systems. Forty-eight percent of respondents said cyber attacks are the greatest danger associated with new technologies and 63 percent fear that new technologies could lead to people being controlled by machines.

Gender-specific Differences
While there are very few differences in the way men and women view digitization in China and India, in Europe the study found that women are far less optimistic about the adoption of new technologies than men. In Germany, for example, 55 percent of the men surveyed see digitization as "very positive" or "positive," but only 41 percent of the women surveyed see it as positive. In the USA, the difference amounts to 19 percentage points (64 percent positive attitude among men, 45 percent positive attitude among women).


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