InnerCity FiberNet Launches GigE Services With SOLiD Technologies WDM

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ROSEBURG, OR - InnerCity FiberNet (ICFN), a Dallas-based competitive provider, selected the MediaC-1600 fiber access network solution from SOLiD Technologies to deploy Gigabit Ethernet services.

The MediaC-1600 provides 16 independent channels of traffic over a single strand of fiber through wave-division multiplexing, eliminating the expense of upgrading or building out additional network. Thanks to accessible front-side fiber connectors, provisioning-free plug-and-play configuration and tunable laser technology that automatically attenuates for distance, ICFN can turn up customer sites quickly and easily. The same system allows ICFN to provide service in multiple network configurations, including point-to-point GigE, point-to-multipoint GigE and point-to-multidrop services up to 60km.

The SOLiD Technologies MediaC-1600 fiber access solution offers both cost and time-to-market advantage, according to Greg Stilwell, managing partner at ICFN. "We were looking for a technology which would allow us to be able to provide our customers GigE services into the client's building or multiple GigE services to multiple clients on our fiber ring without stranding significant amounts of our fiber or forcing us to build additional fiber network."

Stilwell adds, "We chose SOLiD Technologies because of the ease of deploying their equipment. The MediaC-1600 is truly plug-and-play with no changes to the plant required and no need for manual attenuation to vary distances. Our install took minutes, not days; training program for my engineering staff took a little over an hour; and SOLiD's tunable laser had each end point synchronized up within a couple of minutes without sending a tech to each of the customer's sites." Stilwell says he will now be able to turn up a customer in one of ICFN's buildings in hours, not weeks.


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