INNO Instrument Unveils Advanced Fiber Connectivity Solution

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DALLAS, TX— As the consumption of high-bandwidth applications and technologies continues to grow exponentially, operators are under increased pressure to enhance networks to keep up with unprecedented demand. INNO Instrument, global developer of optical communications products and testing solutions, is addressing these challenges with the launch of its new fusion splicer.

View 8+ Splicer
View 8+, is a core-alignment splicer with the world’s highest specifications, offering maximum efficiency by reducing splice and heating time to a matter of seconds. In conjunction with the new INNO mobile application, operators are now able to manage splicer and splice data in a more efficient and comprehendible way, boosting efficiency and saving valuable time when rolling out fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

“FTTH installations can be difficult and labor intensive,” said Gil Perez, director of sales North America at INNO Instrument America Inc. based in Dallas, TX. “To ensure they are efficient and reliable, fiber optic cables need to be spliced and connected with precision and accuracy in a timely manner. The View 8+ is designed to increase the speed at which FTTH installations can become a reality across the world.”

The latest in INNO Instrument’s portfolio of fusion splicers was designed with ease and productivity in mind. The premium core-alignment fusion splicer was designed to satisfy the most demanding professionals who require the highest performances on the go. The combination of a user friendly 5” HD LCD monitor and a mobile application which is accessible over Wi-Fi networks makes the View 8+ a valuable product for increasing productivity and saving time during installation.

INNO Mobile Application
The INNO mobile application is available on iOS and Android and includes various functions such as training videos, splicer management, data management and report generating. With its dedicated Wi-Fi application, the View 8+ enhances practicality allowing professionals to check the work progress simply from their smartphone. All generated data can be recorded and stored in a PDF file making it easier and more efficient for installers to organize and manage their data. The app also includes a locking feature which secures the connection between the application’s device and the View8+ to guarantee reliable working during installation.

Expanded Portfolio of Test and Measurement Products
In addition to its innovative splicers, INNO Instrument is also expanding its portfolio of test and measurement products with the launch of the View 950ME, the most efficient multi-port test product. The View 950ME extension model allows operators to expand the measurement capability enabling 8 ports to be scanned simultaneously without additional switching delay. It was designed for passive device test applications where low cost, performance and small form factor are essential.

“With ever-increasing consumer adoption of growing trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the connected home, high-bandwidth business applications and Virtual Reality (VR), full fiber networks are still the access technology of choice for operators,” added Perez. “These innovative new products have been specifically developed to help operators worldwide deliver efficient and reliable FTTH networks, in order to keep up with this unprecedented demand.”


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