Insitu Partnered with LS Networks to Fight Eagle Creek Fire

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PORTLAND, OR — Insitu, a wholly-owned Boeing subsidiary, had deployed LS Networks’ high-speed, fiber optic data network, which provided near real-time data to firefighters and first responders combating the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge. Insitu, coordinating with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other governing entities, utilized LS Networks to successfully complete first-ever flights of state-of-the-art drones and software that provided a revolutionary new way to support firefighting efforts.

The Eagle Creek Fire was reported on Sept. 2 and spread to 3,000 acres overnight. By Oct. 13 the fire had spread to 48,831 acres and was 50 percent contained. Insitu coordinated manned and unmanned aviation assets, which collected and analyzed georeferenced spatial data (maps tied to specific known locations) throughout the wildfire. With this data, firefighters and first responders could identify spot fires, fire lines and hotspots, and receive updated incident perimeter maps which provided near real-time video feeds and still images of critical infrastructure, historical structures and more.

Heightened Emergency Response Efforts
“The partnership with LS Networks resulted in heightened emergency response efforts, increased situational awareness and safety, and supported planning and resource allocation,” said Christian McQuade, Senior Network Engineer with Insitu.

LS Networks has provided broadband to Insitu since 2012. The low latency and high availability of LS Networks enabled Insitu’s drones, which were equipped with electro-optical technology in the daylight and infrared camera technology and mid-wave sensors at nighttime to provide data.

“As Oregonians, the Columbia River Gorge is our majestic backyard,” said Bryan Adams, director of sales and marketing at LS Networks. “It’s home to not only the communities and businesses we serve, but our friends, family and neighbors. We stand prepared to assist local authorities and innovative companies like Insitu who provide the technology and data needed to contain the fire and are grateful to the heroic first responders.”


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