Intelligent Fiber Network Expanding Connectivity in Ashburn, Virginia


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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a commercial fiber broadband provider in Indiana, is expanding its internet network connectivity to Ashburn, Virginia. This announcement comes on the heels of IFN’s recent partnership with Wabash Valley Power that opens IFN to connectivity in Illinois and Missouri.

IFN maintains a similar connection through Chicago where the commercial fiber broadband provider interfaces with a multitude of other networks, including the nationwide INDATEL network. Connecting through Ashburn, another INDATEL hub, fortifies the internet product by increasing capacity and enhancing resiliency to remove constraints by ensuring service is available when the customer needs it.

Leasing Capacity on Existing Fiber Routes
IFN is not building new fiber routes, but rather leasing capacity on existing routes to connect their physical fiber presences in Indiana to Ashburn. Connectivity will begin and end directly on IFN’s network without switching to competitive providers. This greatly benefits customers by adding resiliency to their networks and saving on costs. With IFN’s expansion to Virginia, it eliminates the middleman in getting users to their endpoint and reduces IFN’s costs by eliminating bandwidth that must be purchased from other providers to connect the route.

In April, IFN announced it raised nearly $13 million in capital investments and welcomed Wabash Valley Power as a new member/owner. It also announced in 2018 it would invest $100 million over the next five years in Indiana, as well as a multi-year, multi-million-dollar network upgrade across the state. These upgrades and investments increase capacity, improve stability, and add operational and network efficiency; all of which are geared toward enhancing customers’ service experience.


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