Intelligent Fiber Network Launches New SD-WAN Product


INDIANAPOLIS — Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a provider of high-speed fiber-optic backbone capabilities across 60 Indiana counties, announced the launch of its new SD-WAN product to bring its state-of-the-art service solutions to customers in locations outside of IFN’s nearly 5,000 route-mile fiber network. To guide the launch, IFN has promoted Kent Welch to Director of Product Development and Sales Operations to lead this and future product development opportunities.

As high-speed connectivity becomes ever more critical to the success and even the functioning of businesses today, IFN continues to look for ways to broaden and enhance the fiber-based solutions it has offered since 2002. IFN is diversifying its services to reach a larger customer base and provide more service solutions for new and existing customers. SD-WAN, or software-defined networking in a wide area network, allows businesses to simplify management of their networks and improve data center management and operations. The SD-WAN product will allow IFN to bring on new customers in new locations where the company does not currently have physical fiber. The product extends IFN’s layer-2 transport to connect remote locations in a cost-effective way allowing IFN to layer its intelligence on top of fiber to provide more solutions without additional wiring. IFN’s new SD-WAN is expected to be in place by the end of 2020.

Bringing Network and Service Solutions Under One Roof

“It’s a really great time to be at IFN in any role, especially when we can define opportunities to benefit our customers,” said Kent Welch. “It will be an exciting challenge to weigh and implement new ideas that make the most sense for our clients. Bringing our network and service solutions all under one roof will dramatically expand our capabilities with our customers. IFN will be able to serve as the primary partner for a long list of daily needs our customers have. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this development process and can’t wait to see IFN’s continued expansion into these new product areas.”

Welch joined the IFN team in February 2019, serving as a sales engineer and manager of sales operations. In the new role of director of product development and sales operations, he will develop and oversee product design and features through collaboration with internal constituents including sales, marketing, network design, operations and finance. Welch will also oversee the product life cycle, developing the strategic positioning, the go-to market strategies, and leading the product launches.

Since 2002, IFN has provided state-of-the-art technology services to businesses in the Midwest and is a leader in the highly competitive open marketplace of large enterprise customers, national carriers and international carriers.



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