IP UtiliNET Calls on Zhone's Fiber LAN Solution to Improve Network Security

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OAKLAND, CA — IP UtiliNET chose Zhone Technologies, a provider of FTTx network access solutions, for a new MXK and zNID-GPON deployment helping the Atlanta, Ga.-based next generation technologies firm enhance campus security offerings for its customer, Club Entrepreneur (Club E) Atlanta. In addition to enabling more security for Club E, Zhone's MXK-194, zNID-GPON-2624P and zNID-GPON-2628P also helped the organization reduce costs from an acquisition and operations perspective.

Securing an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Club E is an entrepreneurial ecosystem, located in College Park, Atlanta, Ga., that gives individuals and small start-ups access to a network of benefits including: quality office space, high-speed Internet, training opportunities and assistance with business and financial plans. Since its users often work long hours and late nights, Club E recently launched a new campus security solution, UtiliSAFE. The solution creates a tight integration of E-911, activating real-time location beacons, surveillance cameras and related security solutions, ensuring better safety for members while on campus. After implementation, Club E realized the bandwidth requirements for this network would be demanding from the onset and would continue to grow over time.

The solution to future-proof Club E's network was Passive Optical LAN. By implementing Zhone's MXK-194, zNID-GPON-2624P and zNID-GPON-2628P, IP UtiliNET was able to expand and increase broadband availability that extended beyond Club E's facility, supporting up to 500 users on an Ethernet port from a single chassis.

"Zhone's solutions enabled Club E to provide multiple types of security and operations solutions without the need to consider future upgrades," said David Quinn, CEO and managing director at IP UtiliNET, LLC. "Post-implementation, Club E gained a full, multi-service network with a 60 to 80 percent decrease in costs associated with the method of operation, and Zhone's FiberLAN product set is a key ingredient to realizing these decreases."

Ability to Expand Boosts Return on Investment
The return on investment from the deployment was also significant since the solution offers the ability to expand optical networking capabilities throughout the campus by simply extending fiber into adjacent buildings and adding equipment for coverage. Additionally, Club E benefits from an aesthetic infrastructure without a need for a drop ceiling for a heavy cable infrastructure.

"Zhone enabled IP UtiliNET to provide Club E's operational network with new customer offerings for its campus," said Brian Caskey, chief marketing officer at Zhone Technologies. "Zhone's GPON intelligent fiber fabric provided a cost-effective solution that was also a great complement to the technology already in place on the campus."


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