iPhotonix Introduces IP RF-Return Module for PON Systems

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RICHARDSON, TX — iPhotonix, an provider of fiber-to-the-home technologies, announced the release of iPhotonix RF-Return Module (the 6550), the industry's most advanced Integrated RF-Return solution in the PON market.

The 6550 incorporates a highly scalable integrated IP based return path solution using the most simplified, low-cost architecture on the market. The 6550 and the standards-compliant RF-return capabilities (SCTE-55-1 & SCTE-55-2) that are integrated in the iPhotonix terminal units (ONTs) and/or residential gateways (RGs) provide cable operators an innovative option for delivering video services to residential customers over GPON while preserving their set-top box (STB) investments.

The 6550 is an essential component of PON networks and supports both the Transparent RF-Return (TRR) and the Packet Aware RF-Return (PARR) for SCTE-55-1. The 6550 receives upstream pay-per-view or VoD signals that originated from traditional coax STBs and were later digitized in iPhotonix’s RF-return path capable iVolve ONT. Those signals are forwarded by the ONT to the 6550 to the head-end demodulator or IP aware network controller at the video head-end.

Significantly Reducing the Cost of Migration from HFC to PON
“Customers want choices, experience and simplicity when planning and migrating from HFC to PON access networks,” said Jeff Mulqueen, VP of sales for iPhotonix. “iPhotonix' new addition to our overall RF-Return solutions meets these requirements and reduces the migration costs from HFC to PON significantly."

The iPhotonix 6550 solution provides a very competitive architecture for a scalable and interoperable infrastructure. The 6550 is currently with multiple carriers both large and small and full deployment is anticipated for early 2015. These include both domestic and multi-national service providers and cable operators throughout the globe. Customer feedback has been positive, citing business growth as a result of iPhotonix capabilities.

The 6550, originating with Siemens AG and later advanced by iPhotonix, includes the Integrated RF-Return family of products. This PON video solution easily integrates with and eventually replaces existing HFC architectures while working with multiple video head-end platforms. The solution enables seamless migration and orchestration to the management of pure IP-based video network solutions.


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