iPhotonix's iVN Offers Fast Path to NFV Deployment and Managed Services

  • iPhotonix
RICHARDSON, TX — iPhotonix, a provider of the network functions virtualization (NFV), cloud transformation and FTTP technologies, debuted the iPhotonix Virtual Network (iVN), an integrated NFV platform for the rapid delivery of vApps combined with extensive networking, management and orchestration (MANO) solutions.

The iVN, which has been validated in some of the world's most demanding networks, runs different Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) from a variety of vendors. It offers functions such as performance monitoring, firewalls and end device management that run on lower cost commodity hardware as opposed to the typical expensive and complex proprietary equipment. Additionally, the iVN platform leverages an intuitive graphical user interface to build service templates and business rules to easily introduce and manage services.

  • Highlights of the iVN Solution

  • iVN is a MANO platform for easy and rapid deployment of vApps that is hardware agnostic and supports multiple protocols and access technologies

  • iVN helps CSPs increase revenues, reduce costs and accelerate “Time To Market”

  • iVN offers CSPs an agile, intuitive and cost effective path to NFV

The iVN platform provides scalable, secure and agile delivery of enterprise and cloud-based applications. Its tools not only enable communication service providers (CSPs) to more quickly create network services but also reduce time and costs of developing and managing those services. Running on commercial off-the-shelf customer premise equipment (CPE), the iVN further lessens CSPs dependency on expensive and propriety hardware, which reduces cost, lead-time and network complexity. Advanced routing and provisioning are seamlessly integrated with the intuitive MANO platform, and virtualized on the CPE device. This in turn reduces the need for additional expensive hardware, which shortens ROI for CSPs.

"For communication service providers, managed services are crucial today when trends such as mobility, big data, social networks and cloud computing are increasingly demanded from customers,” said Amir Elbaz, CEO, iPhotonix. “With a more dynamic network, service providers can not only add new services more quickly—in hours instead of weeks or months—but also rapidly increase and diversify their revenue streams.”


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