IQ Fiber Establishes Interconnection Pact with Cologix

FTTH provider signs an agreement for space and power services in Cologix’s Jacksonville facilities.  

  • IQ Fiber

DENVER and Jacksonville, Fla.--IQ Fiber has partnered with Cologix to support IQ Fiber’s network deployment in the Jacksonville area. IQ Fiber is currently contracted for space and power services in Cologix’s JAX1 and JAX2 facilities, and is actively deploying its fiber-optic network in the Jacksonville metropolitan area.

“We are proud to work with partners such as IQ Fiber who are committed to help bridge the digital divide in underserved areas such as Jacksonville and Northeast Florida,” said Cologix President and Chief Revenue Officer Laura Ortman. “We believe in enabling an ecosystem of networks, cloud providers and interconnection so that everyone can benefit from the rapid digital transformation that is taking place in cities across the country.”

Cologix’s digital edge data centers and dense network and cloud interconnection hubs align with IQ Fiber’s vision of bringing the latest connectivity options to Jacksonville and Northeast Florida and aligns with the company’s commitment to support the area’s growing economy. Located in Jacksonville’s central business district, the Cologix JAX1 data center connects to JAX2 via dark fiber and offers colocation customers the fastest routes available in the region. For those clients looking to connect into the global digital economy, these data centers feature the most interconnected hubs in Florida, with direct access to subsea cables connecting to central and South America as well as fiber crossroads to Atlanta and Florida.

“Fast, reliable internet service is a necessity in today’s world,” said Ted Schremp, CEO of IQ Fiber. “IQ Fiber is headquartered in Jacksonville and is committed to bringing high-speed, high-capacity, reliable, 100% fiber-optic internet to Northeast Florida residents who currently lack access to modern, symmetrical broadband service that only fiber can provide.” 

IQ Fiber currently has two major construction projects underway for its fiber deployment in the Jacksonville metro area, which will serve 60,000 residential customers and create more than 100 new local jobs over the next three years. IQ Fiber allows for symmetrical speeds of up to 10 gigabits, with underground conduit and fiber-optic cables extending from the core internet backbone directly into individual customer’s homes, providing high speed internet while supporting explosive growth in internet usage and demand.  IQ Fiber has $21 million in projects underway in San Marco and Atlantic Beach, Florida, and is the only Jacksonville-based, internet service provider to be building out a new 100% fiber-optic network. The new project will deliver modern infrastructure to Northeast Florida and enable this previously underserved area to participate fully in today’s digital economy.  


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