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DENVER — Biarri Networks, global provider of OSP fiber optic network design, software and services, announced a partnership with Irby, a subsidiary of Sonepar, an electrical distribution and supply chain vendor based out of Jackson, Mississippi.

The impact of this partnership has been immediate, with an initial project realizing significant savings: 400 miles less fiber will be installed than originally estimated, with cost savings of around $5.5 million. This is a direct benefit to a rural community of around 90,000 people.

Optimizing the Design Process
The Irby-Biarri approach uses geospatial data, along with pre-defined architectural and underlying business rules, then algorithmically automates and optimizes the design process — right from concept and high-level design through to the point of construction pack delivery.

“This partnership positions Irby to support the rollout of fiber optic networks to their customers and communities more swiftly and affordably than ever before,” said Paul Sulisz, SVP of Americas, Biarri Networks. “It’s a huge win for rural America.”

A Data-rich, Rule-based Approach to Fiber Network Design
Biarri Networks focuses on a data-rich, rule-based approach to fiber optic network design. This enables far greater control and accuracy over design and engineering outputs that can be replicated to support any size fiber network deployment for municipalities, utilities, cooperatives, CLECs, ILECs, and regional ISPs.

“With Biarri as our design partner we have far better certainty of, and visibility over, the cost and revenue profile for our customers looking to build broadband networks," said Geff Smith, VP technology and communications for Irby. “This level of clarity lets us balance budget costs with service delivery to improve our IRR (Internal Rate of Return). Having such a high degree of accuracy in a project’s valuation so early on also supports critical CapEx investment decisions, such as grants, VC, RUS, and CAF II."


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