iRis and NGN Interconnect Networks between Tennessee and North Georgia

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NASHVILLE, TN and CLARKESVILLE, GA — iRis Networks, a fiber optic carrier serving Kentucky and Tennessee, and NGN, a Georgia-based fiber carrier coop, have established a fiber Ethernet interconnection to combine the capabilities and reach of both networks, and to strengthen broadband availability between Nashville, Knoxville and Cleveland, Tenn., and Atlanta and North Georgia. The interconnection of networks will provide the region’s business community with access to broadband connectivity services from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps and will also be a selling point for attracting new companies to the area that require high network speeds. In addition, the network will provide more opportunity for national providers, both wireless and wireline, to utilize rural fiber networks to deliver services to their customers.

NGN’s network offers a unique middle mile and local distribution network routes that connect 17 counties in North Georgia. The iRis network reaches over 100 communities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama, as well as regional carrier hotel locations in Nashville, Atlanta, Ashburn and Chicago.

Bringing Broadband Capabilities and Services to Rural Areas
“We have the same goals for our networks: bring more broadband capabilities and services to rural areas, provide the broadband connections in and out of our local communities, and provide a seamless connection to national providers at carrier hotels. We know that connectivity is a catalyst for economic development and this partnership is a great example of that,” states Terry Metze, president of iRis Networks.

“One of the best things about this interconnection is that our networks and our goals are very complimentary. Both NGN and iRis have extensive local rural distribution and middle mile network capabilities and connect those to carrier class meet points. We look forward to enabling the economic growth in this region and forging key partnerships where we can combine the scope and reach of our networks,“ states Paul Belk, president and CEO of NGN.


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