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IRVINE, CA — Irvine Company, a privately held real-estate investment company that has master planned The Irvine Ranch in Orange County, Calif., announced that it has teamed with Google Fiber to bring high-speed Internet to many of its properties in the city of Irvine, making it the first city in Southern California where Google Fiber will be available.

As a master planner and long-term owner, Irvine Company has been installing empty conduit between and in its properties since the mid-1980s, setting the foundation to deliver future technology. This existing infrastructure was a key factor in bringing Google Fiber to Irvine.

“We weren’t sure exactly what the future would hold, but we wanted to be ready for it,” said Timothy McClain, Irvine Company vice president of technology and innovation. “We’re excited for residents and small businesses that Irvine has become one of the pioneering cities in the U.S. where Google Fiber is available.”

Google Fiber plans to begin bringing its service to Irvine Company properties in the coming months. Irvine residents and businesses can go to to sign up for notifications about service availability.

“Irvine Company prioritized bringing new technology to its residents many years ago, building in infrastructure that makes it easy to connect their properties to Fiber,” said Pete Albers, head of real estate partnerships, Google Fiber. “We applaud their commitment to bringing super fast Internet to Irvine and look forward to connecting our first customer in Irvine through this partnership.”


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