Iskratel Launches DIY Tool for CPE Customization

  • Iskratel

KRANJ, SLOVENIA — Iskratel, a European provider of sustainable broadband-access solutions, today announced the availability of its Innbox Constructor, a unique tool that allows operators of all sizes to customise Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to meet their needs.

Immediate Service Delivery

Innbox Constructor is an intuitive and easy-to-use web tool which provides operators with the ability to create their own distribution and specific configuration autonomously. Using the tool, operators immediately see the results of the modifications and, after less than an hour, operators can clone the custom configuration to thousands of CPE devices per day.

Tailored to meet operators’ specific business and technical needs, the CPE customized with the Innbox Constructor allows instant plug-and-play operation, immediate service delivery and is accessible by operators’ management system the moment it is connected at customer premises.

Modify and Customize Default Settings

The tool allows operators to modify and customize the default settings for plug-and-play operation, user rights and menu availability, GUI languages, and visuals such as colors and logo. No further configuration is required by operators or their end-users, which dramatically reduces operating costs, the number of helpdesk calls and truck rolls for operators.

"Using this tool, we can respond or adapt to customer needs quickly," added Terrakom's Igor Tatarević. "It gives us the flexibility of frequent adaptations. There is no training necessary to start using the tool, and at present, we are able to re-spin the distribution in as little as 15 minutes – far quicker than the one hour that Iskratel promises for the tool."

Innbox Constructor complements Iskratel's existing, project-led turnkey software-on-demand (SWoD) program. But unlike Turnkey SWoD, this novel tool gives operators of any size the freedom of making adaptations on their own.


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