Israel ISP Bezeq Taps ADTRAN for a Countrywide Deployment

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LONDON — Israeli incumbent operator Bezeq has selected ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation open networking solutions, for its countrywide deployment.

The initial phase, involving a suite of distribution point unit (DPU) and CPE solutions from ADTRAN’s Mosaic SD-Access portfolio, will represent one of the largest ongoing deployments in the world. The mass rollout will quickly establish Israel at the forefront of digital nations, bringing ultrafast broadband capabilities to citizens at a record pace. ADTRAN’s IP68 sealed solutions, serving as the foundational element for Bezeq’s plans, allow deployment with confidence due to ADTRAN’s global leadership in the growing sealed micro DSLAM segment. The announcement follows a series of intensive lab and field trials with the operator during 2016.

“ADTRAN’s advanced innovation makes it the clear choice for our rollout, helping us rapidly serve customers across Israel with new, transformative broadband services,” said Bezeq CTIO, Yaki Zano. “ADTRAN’s collaborative involvement in our strategic development has given us a robust and flexible technology roadmap for the future of our broadband access network, ready to confront new opportunities.”

Applying in a Wide Range of Applications
Allied to the success of these trials was ADTRAN’s partnership approach to addressing Bezeq’s unique gigabit broadband goals within a short time frame. “Bezeq is assuring a bright, sustainable future for ultrafast and gigabit broadband services in Israel, applying in a wide range of varied applications so that the maximum number of subscribers across the country are able to benefit without waiting for FTTP to arrive,” said Ronan Kelly, CTO for EMEA and APAC at ADTRAN. “ADTRAN solutions are built for superior versatility, robustness and performance, with software-defined networking (SDN) principles that make Bezeq’s network more flexible, open and ready to exploit dynamically.”

Bezeq is leveraging ADTRAN’s solutions in a variety of locations and deployment scenarios including FTTB, FTTCab and both aerial and subterranean FTTdp. Each of the DPUs involved in Bezeq’s deployment utilizes ADTRAN’s sealed micro DSLAM enclosures and is physical layer agnostic to ensure rapid service provisioning and activation, even within multi-vendor FTTx infrastructures. In addition, ADTRAN DPUs are chipset agnostic, allowing them to remain at the forefront of innovation, independent of the pace of development of specific chipset vendors.

As Bezeq develops its network infrastructure for more programmable, flexible gigabit service delivery, another key consideration is enabling increased automation utilizing ADTRAN’s software-defined network virtualization capabilities.


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