iTV-3 Partners with UC2B Fiber Optic Network in Champaign/Urbana, IL

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URBANA and CHAMPAIGN, IL — iTV-3 has entered into a public private partnership with the UC2B Fiber Optic Network located throughout Champaign and Urbana. This was achieved with the help of UC2B, the cities of Champaign, Urbana, and the University of Illinois in order to facilitate the construction of a 100 percent fiber-to-the-premise network throughout the Champaign and Urbana communities.

Neighborhood Sign-ups
Interested residents can fill out an iTV-3 contact form to receive a call from an iTV-3 representative who will explain service options and assist in sign-ups. iTV-3 will be engineering the cities into neighborhoods of 150 to 350 homes. Once a neighborhood reaches 50 percent of the residents requesting service iTV-3 will construct the neighborhood network and install customer services. The community will be built in the order of neighborhoods which meet the sign up commitment level.

Available Internet speed packages range from 50/10 Mbps up to 1000/200 Mbps.

iTV-3 is initially signing residents up for Internet and voice packages only but does plan on having a video offering in the community. Before iTV-3 can offer video it must first obtain a television franchise agreement with both cities.


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