Jackson Joins C Spire's 1 Gbps FTTH Initiative in Miss.

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JACKSON, MS – Mississippi’s largest city and its state capital may soon be known for more than being one of the friendliest communities in the U.S. Municipal leaders and C Spire executives announced an agreement that promises to help Jackson become one of nation’s most technologically advanced cities by offering residents ultra-high speed 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home broadband Internet access.

C Spire, the Ridgeland-based telecommunications and technology services firm, forged relationships with nine other Mississippi cities last November to provide 100 times faster, next-generation Internet access and related digital HD TV, phone and home automation services. Jackson becomes the tenth and largest city to join the initiative.

Historic Opportunity for Jackson

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber said the agreement represents a historic opportunity for the city to become a hub for technology investment, generate new, high-paying jobs and provide a better quality of life for its 172,638 residents.

“It’s a new day in Jackson and we’re excited about partnering with C Spire to create a bright future for the people in this city,” Yarber said. “Gigabit infrastructure will address so many needs in our city from education and health care to business expansion while improving home values.”

Hu Meena, president and CEO of C Spire and a Jackson resident, said his company is on a mission to move Jackson and the Magnolia state from worst to first in national rankings for average Internet speeds and consumer access to super-fast broadband services. “A primary goal is to ensure Mississippi has easy access to fiber technology just as we are delivering on our goal of ensuring consumers and businesses in our state have access to the latest wireless technologies,” he said.

“Fiber to the Home can be a transformative technology for communities, serving as a platform for innovation and a host of new Internet applications and experiences yet to be imagined,” Meena added. “We’re determined to show the world that Jackson and the state of Mississippi are ready to be a catalyst for technology investment, economic growth and job creation.”

Meeting Registration Percentage Goals
With Jackson’s recent approval of a franchise agreement with C Spire, individuals can pre-registrater at C Spire Fiberhome. Individuals will need to make a $10 refundable deposit and provide credit card information when they visit the website.

Initially, the website will feature a single large map showing Jackson city boundaries. Later this month, the web page will be updated and show detailed, interactive maps of the city divided into fiberhoods showing what percentage of residents needed to pre-register to turn an area “green” and qualify for build out of the service. All residents who pre-register now will be placed in their specific fiberhood at that time.

When it is updated, the Jackson site also will include progress bars for each fiberhood to help residents get a “real time” snapshot of their success in getting neighbors, friends and others who live nearby to pre-register for the service. Registration percentage goals for the city of Jackson vary between 35 and 45 percent.


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