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SAN JOSE, CA — Jade Communications is transforming its go-to-market strategy in the Rocky Mountain State with the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 GigaSpire BLAST u6Calix Support Cloud, and Calix Marketing Cloud. The rural communications service provider (CSP) has addressed increasing broadband demand by transitioning away from a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) model in favor of a Calix fiber network. Jade is matching its fiber speeds with the latest Calix EDGE Systems, powered by EXOS, to deliver unrivaled Wi-Fi performance and coverage at a pace matching the most innovative consumer companies. Subscribers never have to travel to the local electronics store to purchase the latest and greatest Wi-Fi experience on their own. The unifying EXOS platform makes system upgrades seamless, as the rural CSP has reduced its average new gateway integration time from four weeks to just one day with the BLAST u6. In addition, all BLAST systems are managed by Calix Support Cloud, ensuring that every subscriber has the ultimate managed Wi-Fi experience.

“We have always operated with a relentless focus on providing the absolute best experience possible for our subscribers, and that starts with bringing the best technology to market rapidly,” said Josh Wehe, director of network operations for Jade Communications. “We knew immediately when Calix launched the Revenue EDGE that it would be critical to our growth, and it has helped us shift our core focus from operational delivery to subscriber experience delivery. We have heard horror stories from other service providers taking months and—in some cases—years to provision and deploy new systems. However, the end-to-end Revenue EDGE solution has allowed us to move faster. Since deploying the original GigaSpire systems, we have seen our churn and service calls decrease considerably, and now with the new BLAST u6, we are getting to market in a matter of hours.”

Ensuring the Ultimate Subscriber Experience

Founded in 1990 to connect previously underserved regions in southern Colorado, Jade Communications is future proofing its network with the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE and ensuring the ultimate subscriber experience with the Revenue EDGE. The regional CSP is deploying the GigaSpire BLAST u6 with the goal of having the system, along with ProtectIQ advanced security services, in every residential subscriber’s home. By standardizing on a single gateway, Jade can ensure a seamless subscriber experience beginning with efficient installation and continuing with ongoing management. Furthermore, with Calix Marketing Cloud, Jade will be able to customize packages of EDGE Suites to tailor this experience to individual subscribers and deliver it directly to the palms of their hands with the CommandIQ app. Advanced behavioral analytics enable Jade to keep subscribers on the correct service tier for the best possible experience. The result is a comprehensive subscriber facing solution that not only confirms Jade’s technology leadership but also positions it to tackle any competition.

“Before the Revenue EDGE, CSPs were always chasing the consumer Wi-Fi system providers, and subscribers were forced to travel to electronics stores to buy and self-install the latest and greatest routers,” said Michael Weening, EVP of global operations for Calix. “Now, with integration in as little as one day, CSPs can integrate the BLAST u6 into their billing, support and marketing systems and processes, Jade has proven that their subscribers will never need to make that trip again. Deploying the BLAST u6 on EXOS accelerates Jade’s time to market while ensuring its subscribers have unmatched Wi-Fi 6 connectivity that meets all their bandwidth demands—both now and in the future. Coupled with EDGE Insights, Jade is elevating its relationships with existing subscribers and introducing unmatched experiences to new ones, ensuring that the home invaders never get a foot in the door.”



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