Jamaican Broadband Takes Giant Step Forward

  • FTTH
LIME, the Caribbean business of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), launched a residential broadband service in Jamaica with speeds of up to 100 Mbps, using the Caribbean's first fiber-to-the-home network.

LIME is offering FTTH broadband plans with download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Previously, 8 Mbps was the maximum speed available to LIME customers. The FTTH broadband service is available in two areas, Montego Bay and St. Catherine, and will gradually be extended to other parts of the country. LIME also plans to launch a TV over broadband service in 2012.

LIME CEO David Shaw comments, "This new broadband network will launch a leap forward in speed and services for Jamaica. We are proud to provide this ground-breaking service and to be investing in Jamaica's infrastructure. It is the latest in a series of innovations, including the launch of mobile TV last year, which shows that LIME is leading the market and looking after both the current and future needs of our customers."


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